Friday, April 13

My other place

I know I know it's again been over a month since my last post, but I'm having too much fun here to bother. Don't know yet if I want to retire Galatea entirely. Isip isip :->

Saturday, March 10

Tumindig ka

Election season! Para hindi uminit ang ulo ko sa campaign jingles on the radio, I'm listening to the ‘classics’ instead.

Tumindig Ka
by Buklod (Rom Dongeto and Noel Cabangon)

Tumindig ka, ipaglaban ang karapatan
Tumindig ka, ipagtanggol ang karapatan

Daangtaon na ang nakalilipas
Ilang pangulo na ang nagdaan
Kulang pa rin ang sweldo ni Juan
Wala pa ring sariling lupa si Juan
Wala pa ring masilungan si Juan
Subsob pa rin sa kahirapan

Tumindig ka, tumindig ka
Ipaglaban mo si Juan
Tumindig ka, tumindig ka
Ipagtanggol mo si Juan

by Yano (Dong Abay and Eric Gancio)

Jueteng at illegal logging
May sideline, rape at kidnapping
Dealer ng shabu at uzi
Commander ng private army
May ari ng subdivision
Stockholder ng corporation
Landlord na land grabber pa
Anak ka ng bobong tanga!
Ang hirap mong hulihin, lahat kaya mong bilhin
Wala kang silbi, wala kang silbi sa amin

Trapo! Trapo ka kasi
Trapo! Trapo trapo ka kasi
Di na binoboto pero nananalo

May misis pero siyam ang kabit
Naadik kaya sabik na sabik
Ang kapal mo hindi ka manipis
Ginugudtaym mo lang ang aming buwis
Mas maraming absent kaysa sa present
Di ginagawa kanyang assignment
Mula Lunes hanggang Biyernes
Wala sa congress, panay ang redirect
Ang sarap mong ihawin, ipalamon sa mga pating
Wala kang silbi, wala kang silbi sa amin

Trapo! Trapo ka kasi
Trapo! Trapo trapo ka kasi
Di na binoboto pero nananalo!

Read somewhere that Bamboo is going on a US tour where, presumably, they will also be playing Tatsulok. Imagine that, Tatsulok being played in the ‘belly of the beast’! (an observation made by the writer of that blog that I failed to bookmark...) Now why didn't Buklod think of that? heheh ;P

Sunday, February 18

More Dahlquist, please!

A couple of weeks ago I finished reading The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by GW Dahlquist—an author I’d never heard of before but who now joins my list of authors to read and collect. (Though I suspect he isn’t even a real person—no ‘about the author’ section in the book, and nothing but a mysterious put-off on the website. Hmm…) I love his crisp storytelling. It’s a suspenseful story so of course the plot was pushing me to read on, but I was mainly reading for the pleasure of hearing the words in my head. Dahlquist’s prose just sings.

After being immersed in The Glass Books for some time (it was a long novel and I only had time to read a few pages a day), I’m finding it hard to get into this next book I’m reading, One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson. By all reports Kate Atkinson is an excellent read, it’s just unfortunate that I happen to be reading her on the heels of Dahlquist. But I’m pushing on, of course. Gotta give Kate a fair chance to wow me.


PS: Well OK, he's a real person pala. Real enough, at least, to write an article for Guardian Unlimited.

Tuesday, January 2

Happy 2007 all!


Hey it was Galatea's first year anniversary last Dec 26 and I missed it! Well better late than not at all. Congratulations to me for sticking to something long enough to reach an anniversary! Heheh ;P

Saturday, December 16


Grabeh ito, watch this and I swear, makakalimutan mo lahat ng problema sa buhay :P

Friday, December 15

City mouse

Another LOL post from JZ, this time on the (de)merits of the rustic life. I like Peter Mayle's Provence books as much as the next reader—a dream of idle days, rich food and good wine, what's not to like?—but, if today I learned I would inherit a vineyard in France on the condition that I actually move in, I would have to say “Can I get back to you on that?” I think country living is just divine—as long as you can close the book soon as you feel yourself getting sick of it ;P

Thursday, December 7

Kingdom of fear

"People in general scare me. That’s why I live in isolation in a remote area of Maine. I’m afraid of choking to death. I’m afraid of the San Andreas Fault. I don’t sleep on my left side because that’s where my heart is. I’m afraid it will wear out too quickly. I also have a recurring dream about the lake next to my house boiling and blowing up." —Stephen King

Latest ultimate find at the Makati Cinema Square Booksale: A copy of Kingdom of Fear, The World of Stephen King. It’s a collection of essays about Stephen King written by other greats in fiction and film, such as Clive Barker, Harlan Ellison, and Chuck Miller. And with a foreword by the King himself!

I’ve already started reading it—the first two essays are by Andrew Greeley (“Stephen King’s Horror Has a Healing Power”) and Robert Bloch (“Monsters in Our Midst”)—and am enjoying it immensely. How could I not when it’s a virtual gathering of 17 people telling you their reasons for loving Stephen King’s work? Can’t think of a better fan club to hang out with :)

"The average guy recognized that King was important a long time ago, and made him into a bookselling phenomenon. Among cognoscenti in the field he’s considered a master. But his work is also important both as literature and as cultural matter. He writes from the heart of the American experience." —Whitley Streiber

Yes I know, it's finals week, I should be studying! I’ll be a good girl and go back to my @#$%^&*! transpo cases now :)