Sunday, June 25

This week's guilty pleasure

As a break from all the headache-inducing corporation law cases I’ve had to read all week, I let myself finish The Devil Wears Prada this Sunday. I disdain chick lit as a rule but getting the goods on what really goes on behind high-and-mighty Vogue magazine was just too fun to pass up. (Is it really true that Anna Wintour wears a size zero? I didn’t even know there was such a thing!) Hard to believe that world actually exists. Working in fashion is supposed to be really fun and glamorous, and it should be. It’s worth making a fuss about good clothes and shoes, I think. But when people become elitist about it, it just starts to seem terribly shallow. Here's a pretty good review by Amazon.

Tuesday, June 13

Section 23. Forged signature; effect thereof

When a signature is forged
or made without the authority
of the person whose signature it purports to be

It is wholly inoperative

And no right to retain the instrument
or to give a discharge therefor
or to enforce payment against any party

Can be acquired through or under
such signature.


the party against whom
it is sought to enforce such right
is precluded from setting up the forgery
or want of authority.

(My memorization technique: Treat the Law like Poetry ;)