Sunday, February 18

More Dahlquist, please!

A couple of weeks ago I finished reading The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters by GW Dahlquist—an author I’d never heard of before but who now joins my list of authors to read and collect. (Though I suspect he isn’t even a real person—no ‘about the author’ section in the book, and nothing but a mysterious put-off on the website. Hmm…) I love his crisp storytelling. It’s a suspenseful story so of course the plot was pushing me to read on, but I was mainly reading for the pleasure of hearing the words in my head. Dahlquist’s prose just sings.

After being immersed in The Glass Books for some time (it was a long novel and I only had time to read a few pages a day), I’m finding it hard to get into this next book I’m reading, One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson. By all reports Kate Atkinson is an excellent read, it’s just unfortunate that I happen to be reading her on the heels of Dahlquist. But I’m pushing on, of course. Gotta give Kate a fair chance to wow me.


PS: Well OK, he's a real person pala. Real enough, at least, to write an article for Guardian Unlimited.