Saturday, January 14

Sleep not optional

Oh my God, this week was hell. Classes five nights a week means I either forego sleep or risk getting creamed at recitation. And since I can't seem to help falling asleep, some disastrous recitations had to be endured. Last night's was particularly painful (I'm sorry sir, I'm just not ready...) so I've decided this can't go on. I will have to drop one subject. Di bale nang ma-delay. I need to sleep!

Saturday, January 7

Forcing it

O: Do you think all people are created equal?
JF: No. If that were true there'd be no poverty, no shortcomings... We're all energy. Some people are stronger forces than others.

--Picked up from Jamie Foxx's interview with Oprah, published in "O" magazine

It's a beautiful Saturday and I'm here in the library at school, reading cases for next week's classes. Saturday used to be my official free day--no studying! But with my sked this term even my untouchable Sabado has been appropriated for study. But alright, will grumble no more about it. I'm trying to be a force in my own life.

Thursday, January 5


Tonight we had a free cut instead of class (our prof hasn’t returned from abroad, I believe), and some classmates and I took advantage of the unexpected free time to troop to the bookstore to get the books we’ll be using this term. Usually I use more than one text for a class—reading two annotations is much better than just one, especially if the authors treat the same subject matter differently. But this term it seems that, in one subject at least, I’ll really need to use more than one book (more like six!) whether I prefer it or not. So many textbooks to buy, and they’re all so expensive! Looks like I’m in for some belt-tightening (figuratively speaking only, unfortunately ;) in the next few months. Poor me.

Tuesday, January 3

Under 30

Third term officially starts tomorrow—a fact I’m feeling ambivalent about. “Ambivalent” as in feeling strongly about two contradictory things (remember that scene in Girl, Interrupted?). I’m raring to go back to law courses this term (no more MBA subjects, yay!) but I’m also dreading the next three months of abject toil… The law, they say, is a jealous mistress—it demands one’s full attention. That means the poor law student who’s also struggling to hold down a job while studying has nearly no free time left… (not even to trim my cuticles! which I happen to enjoy doing, heheh). To keep my head above the water I’ve had to learn to be acutely aware of how I spend my time, right down to each 30-minute chunk of it. Like now, for instance. I can spend no more than 30 minutes writing this blog entry, because I’ve already budgeted the next 30 minutes for memorizing Art 415 of the Civil Code!

Which brings me to the point of this post: with classes starting I’m feeling a bit less optimistic about being able to sustain this blog. Just a bit. I suppose I won’t be able to post as frequently as I would like. That, or maybe I’ll work on cutting down my posting time from 30 to 15…

Sunday, January 1

Get a move on

I dare you to move
I dare you to lift yourself off the floor
I dare you to move
Like today never happened.

--Dare You To Move, Switchfoot

Happy New Year!