Saturday, January 7

Forcing it

O: Do you think all people are created equal?
JF: No. If that were true there'd be no poverty, no shortcomings... We're all energy. Some people are stronger forces than others.

--Picked up from Jamie Foxx's interview with Oprah, published in "O" magazine

It's a beautiful Saturday and I'm here in the library at school, reading cases for next week's classes. Saturday used to be my official free day--no studying! But with my sked this term even my untouchable Sabado has been appropriated for study. But alright, will grumble no more about it. I'm trying to be a force in my own life.


terrie said...

Bakit wala kang bagong post?? Wala akong mabasa! :)

isa said...

geez, cayie. it seems like law school has really taken up all your time. post ka na ulit, namimiss ko na mga posts mo. terrie is getting out more blogs than you are now a. :-D