Thursday, February 9


I should change the title of this blog to Sleeping Beauty. Only, unlike the princess in the fairy tale, I don't want to be rescued! What I would give to be locked up in a tower with nothing to do but sleep, long hours of blissful sleep... And instead of a prince charming I would settle for a new job. In a perfect world I would wake up to find I've been hired for a job that would (1) let me work from home or not come in everyday, (2) pay well (fairy tale nga e!) and (3) still be fun, possibly related to writing or legal research. There MUST be a better way to make a living out there, I just need to find it. Or it needs to find me!


isa said...

WELCOME BACK, CAYIE! Hay, our sleeping beauty friend, don't worry, your dream job will come...just think that you're like saving up for a great job in the very near future. :-D

terrie said...

Bed tester...I think that would be the perfect job :D

carrie said...

Bed tester! Sounds pretty demanding, but somebody's gotta do it ;P

Hi Isa! I missed this space too!