Friday, April 13

My other place

I know I know it's again been over a month since my last post, but I'm having too much fun here to bother. Don't know yet if I want to retire Galatea entirely. Isip isip :->


indi said...

heyyy, i like cayi's place! kaso walang comments section. heheh. missyu na!

carrie said...

onga e! im hoping they get round to putting in a comments section eventually :) just came from the powerbooks sale, btw. got a copy of bulosan's AMERICA IS IN THE HEART, which iv never read, woudja believe. in college i actually thought the tagalog translation (ANG AMERIKA AY NASA PUSO) was the original! heheh

isa said...

hey cayie. just proof that i haven't visited galatea in a while. i like cayie's place too very nice. sayang nga lang walang comments. can't you cross post na lang para if there are comments, dito sa galatea malagay?