Friday, December 30


“Being an imposter was not the problem. He liked being an imposter. He was good at it. It fitted in with his plans, which were fairly simple and could until now have been summarised more or less as: (a) go somewhere; (b) enjoy yourself; and (c) leave before you get bored… Only he didn’t want to go. He was having second thoughts about all this… Normally he didn't even have first thoughts about things. Life without thinking had been perfectly pleasant—instinct, impulse, and an obscene amount of luck had served him quite well up to now.”

--from Neil Gaiman’s ANANSI BOYS

Finished reading Anansi Boys the other day—those are a few nice lines from the novel. I identify most with the Spider character as we seem to share the same philosophy in life. He's the type of person who'd relate more to the Grasshopper than the Ant, the Hare rather than the Tortoise. That is to say, he enjoys what he can of life and doesn't think of himself as a victim. You gotta act or be acted upon.

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