Friday, December 30

A whole day lost

Living is easy with eyes closed.
--a line from Strawberry Fields, I believe, tattooed on Charlie’s (Dominic Monaghan) arm in LOST

Ahh I love the unexamined life, it’s simply more fun :) But no party lasts forever, and the longer it runs the more mess there will be to clear in the morning… Like this morning, fer instance. Stayed up half the night watching Season 1 of Lost (marathon itoh!) Now am pretty much no good for the rest of the day, except for lounging on the couch and finishing the rest of the season, naturally :) Had no idea watching Lost was so fun! Caught 2 episodes of the series on AXN the other day, after that I was, well, lost ;P

Am putting off doing the laundry yet again—bukas na lang ulit.


isa said...

yup, that is a line from strawberry fields

carrie said...

Knew it! Thanks, Cutie ;P