Saturday, December 2

90 days

OMG it's December! I know my last post was a thousand years ago, so (to the handful of people who read this blog) sorry about that. As usual I've been juggling school (my load this term: tax, evidence, torts, transportation, insurance, international law) and work, but of course there was time for movies (An Inconvenient Truth, Borat, Casino Royale, Marie Antoinette, Green Street Hooligans) and books (Gaiman's Fragile Things, Erik Larson's Thunderstruck, Randy David's Nation, Self & Citizenship, among others), just no time to blog about them.

Today I'm taking a deep breath before diving into finals—our first exam is on Tuesday and the last won't be until the 16th or thereabouts. That means I have to get through at least two more stressful weeks before I allow myself to even think about Christmas, so it will be another rush to get through my xmas list—the kids muna, the adults saka na ;)

Am counting the days ‘til Christmas break—so exhausted! Not that the Christmas season is the best time for rest and relaxation (just thinking about shopping, parties and traffic makes me feel like lying down for a minute), but at least second term will be over and done with and I can behave like a normal person for a change.


My friend Indira is in London for a 12-month scholarship, and this list was among some wall stencils she saw at the Tate Modern—

1. Do one thing at a time.
2. Know the problem.
3. Learn to listen.
4. Learn to ask questions.
5. Distinguish sense from nonsense.
6. Accept change as inevitable.
7. Admit mistakes.
8. Say it simple.
9. Be calm.
10. Smile.

Ahh, but what if there’s more than one thing to be done but you only have time to do one thing but you can’t do just one thing you really need to do everything?


“Unless a man undertakes more than he possibly can do, he will never do all that he can.” —Henry Drummond


Jason said...

Welcome back! 1,500 years between posts is a looooong time ;-)

carrie said...

Hehe I know! That must be some kind of record ;P

terrie said...

Hay salamat! I've just about given up on your blog, galatea! Your Kingdom of Fear of book is really familiar. I may have it buried under a huge pile of books, hehehe...Will try to see if I can unearth it--or if it's even the same book