Thursday, December 7

Kingdom of fear

"People in general scare me. That’s why I live in isolation in a remote area of Maine. I’m afraid of choking to death. I’m afraid of the San Andreas Fault. I don’t sleep on my left side because that’s where my heart is. I’m afraid it will wear out too quickly. I also have a recurring dream about the lake next to my house boiling and blowing up." —Stephen King

Latest ultimate find at the Makati Cinema Square Booksale: A copy of Kingdom of Fear, The World of Stephen King. It’s a collection of essays about Stephen King written by other greats in fiction and film, such as Clive Barker, Harlan Ellison, and Chuck Miller. And with a foreword by the King himself!

I’ve already started reading it—the first two essays are by Andrew Greeley (“Stephen King’s Horror Has a Healing Power”) and Robert Bloch (“Monsters in Our Midst”)—and am enjoying it immensely. How could I not when it’s a virtual gathering of 17 people telling you their reasons for loving Stephen King’s work? Can’t think of a better fan club to hang out with :)

"The average guy recognized that King was important a long time ago, and made him into a bookselling phenomenon. Among cognoscenti in the field he’s considered a master. But his work is also important both as literature and as cultural matter. He writes from the heart of the American experience." —Whitley Streiber

Yes I know, it's finals week, I should be studying! I’ll be a good girl and go back to my @#$%^&*! transpo cases now :)

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